The West Coast of British Columbia, more specifically Vancouver Island, is world famous for its adventure destinations. The people who live and breath the coast are experts of this wild domain. From the shimmering waters of the Salish Sea, to the frigid peaks of the Strathcona Provincial Park, and back down to the white sand beaches of Tofino, our island is designed for adventure.

Featuring stunning photography, detailed stories, and visits to the wild and accessible places of Vancouver Island, The West Coast Weekend aims to show you the best of what we’ve got to offer.

West Coast Trail sunset. Tsusiat Falls. © Eddy Savage
West Coast Trail sunset. Tsusiat Falls. © Eddy Savage

2 thoughts on “Find your next Weekend Adventure

  1. Dude! We should go for an adventure with my uncle he’d love it. He used to ride his bike to Swartz Bay and back all the time and hike Mt Doug n’ stuff! Yea yea what u doin this weekend?!


  2. Howdy! Thanks for following my art blog! I love your blog’s premise — I see some favourite places here, as well as some that I’ve been meaning to get to one of these days; I’m sure you’ll inspire me to get out there!


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